Tag: Crow


  • Eddie Woodcrest

    I was born in the city of Hilp where was raised there by my father a drunk i don't know if he knew i was there half of the time because he forgot basic needs such as food , water , clothing and things like that. I starved in till i was considered a man …

  • "Al" Alesanro'methelyoctoviana

    Al spent 50 years in solitary confinement for stealing from the Djinn. He left a good portion of his sanity in that horrible place. He escaped and is currently on the run.

  • Darella Eiderdown

    Darella is a half-elf Druid female who stands at 5'2" with autumn red hair, and vivid green eyes. She is a worshiper of Sylvanus, and believes in the balance of all things. She seeks to one day stand among the other Druids, having a grove to call her own, …