A Forlorn Hope

Hurry! The Cuiper the better!


Kythorn 29 – Flamerule 10

The crows decide to settle into Thurmaster, finding a house on the outskirts of town that has been abandoned for quite some time. They decide to put some money into the building, fixing it up as their abode and base of operations. They put in a garden and a small pen for some livestock. They also hired a kind widow by the name of Mrs. Swinsen to take care of the place. Thus the crows got their very own homestead, “The Crows Nest”. Once they had taken care of matters related to room and board and the like, they decided it was time to go in search of Jelleneth, as Tauster had requested of them. They looked for her in the RedWood, but she was not there. They went down to Hogsbrook in the Thornwood near the Blessedwood, but she wasn’t there either. While in Hogsbrook they delivered a message to Cuiper (Kwiper), a ranger of considerable skill. He gives them a message to take to Garyld in Millborn to give him news of Jelleneth’s disappearance. About that time, Olianne, the wolf toting druid that the people have been talking about, appears. She tells the party that a boy has become a werebear and that they need to help him by calming him down. This means taking on a savage, angry, wild, and nasty werebear without the use of deadly force. Needless to say, the party is a little bit apprehensive about the matter. Thankfully, due to Darella’s skill with the entanglement spell, the werebear-boy is captured easily, and with some magic sleep and a potion or two, the creature is calmed down. In exchange for her help, Darella is given training with the druid, free of charge.

So then its off to Millborn to give the message to Garyld, who in turn sends a message by way of bird to a mysterious person named Shiraz. While there, Tyllas and Darella go to the local blacksmith, a large barrelchested man by the name of Semerem. Darella purchases chain-barding for her wolf Tantra, and Tyllas attempts to get the name to make a belt out of his disgusting months old knoll spine. The man refuses in disgust until Darella begins to explain to him that Tyllas ripped this spine out of an enemy of his in a violent blood-rage. Not only was the belt now top priority for the poor shaken blacksmith, but the price was based purely on goodwill donation. Heading back to Thurmaster, the crows get hired to guard a trade barge to Thurmaster, and of course back to Millborn. In Thurmaster, they speak once more to Tauster, giving him news and asking him about teleportation spells that he can’t bestow, and asking about troublesome adventures that he would refuse to take. The conversation ends when Tyllas asks if the wizard could scry someone for them. Upon hearing the word scry, Tauster frightenedly declares that he needs tea and slams the door.

Once they return to Millborn they find themselves in an auction for some farm equipment due to the New Mire flooding out a family’s farm. While in the auction, a man walks up to the Crows and aks if they are in fact, the crows. Upon learning that they are indeed the Crows, he enjoins them to follow him to the manor of his lord, Master Darius Carmen. Half of the party lead by Shea goes to meet with Darius, and the others stay behind to finish up the auction. Darius offers the crows the job of scouting the New Mire and the Patchwork Hills for two weeks time, and if they solve the problem of why the New Marsh is spreading, he will pay them 1,000 gold pieces, on top of the contract he has already offered them. All Darius can tell them is what he paid dearly to learn; “Its bad, and its magic”. Armed this information, the crows take the job, but not before Shea asks Darius if he knows anything about the missing girl, Jelleneth. He answers that he “doesn’t know much”, and she decides that it means that he must know something, so she grills him for information on the missing girl. After a heated conversation, Shea decides that he actually knows nothing at all about this girl. So they head back to Thurmaster upon a barg with a heaping load of recently acquired home accouterments.


Angrybob Balastrof

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