A Forlorn Hope

At the Sign of the Vulgar Unicorn


Tarsakh 26th, Year of the Banner, 1368 Dr Our story begins in the bustling city of Suzail, the capital of the goodly nation of Cormyr, where in an old run down tavern, one sporting a somewhat distasteful sign, an unlikely bunch of adventures gather in search of high adventure, glory, and a course; gold. For an elf by the name of Sha Milkweed has advertised an opportunity to form a state-sanctioned, legal, and documented adventuring band. It was to this call that these various characters have come. One by one they approached. First, a half-elven druid by the name of Darella Eiderdown approached Sha, her motivation being to escape the city and to earn her place among the druids. Next came the somewhat facetious Janella Foeknuckle, a gnome thief, whose ambitions are as of yet unknown. The mage Natas Wizard orn joined them, as any good mage knows that the more meatshields between him and the dangers of the open road, the better. It was then that Sha heard a small voice in her ear, and to her surprise, a shady halfling seemingly materialized at her side out of thin air, proving his usefulness in any adventure, providing that there was plenty of gold to being procured. Last to join the party was an soldier named Tyllas Bront, who after talking with “Tommy Thumbs”, the bar keeper of the vulgar unicorn, walks up to the hired muscle that Sha hired to keep the rif-raf from bothering her as she tries to put a party together. Being none to kind to the hired goon, Tyllas demands that the man stand aside, and after a few threats and a short lived fist-fight. Tyllas walks past the unconscious man to offer his services to the elf. And that my friends, is the humble beginning of the Crows, a name I’m sure you’ve heard many times. Yes, this murder of crows went off to seek fame and fortune in the wide world. Yes, and their first quest was to take a small chest to a wizard many many miles away. A very long journey that would test this new band to the very limits of their strength and endurance. And so it was, after “jewing” the Wizard Gordrenn out nearly ten times his original price for the delivery, they set off to the nearby town of Hilp, the first city of many of the way to the village of Thurmaster in Haranshire to deliver a mysterious chest of ingredients to the wizard Tauster. So the journey begins…


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