Tag: Milborne


  • Haldelar Miller

    Haldelar is a strong middle aged fellow, ruddy checked and barrel chested, with floury side whiskers showing the same gray that flecks his thinning hair. He owns and runs the Mill house with his wife Parella.

  • Parella Miller

    Parella is a dark-haired, slender middle aged woman who is still quite attractive. She is the town baker and bakes much of the bread used to feed the miners and travellers.

  • Dirkaster

    A venerable legend in his own time. Half blind and almost completely deaf. Dirkaster owns the Barron of Mutton. Though his grandsons Andren and Barthelew, actually run the place.

  • Andren

    A heartbreakingly sincere young man. Andren runs the Barron of Mutton with his brother Barthelew and is courting the currently missing Jeleneth Miller.

  • Semeren Smith

    Semeren is an enormously strong man. his vast chest is covered with singed black hair. He usually works off his frustrations by punching a hole through the wall of the smithy. Local children call him Goblin-strangler due to an incident a couple of months …

  • Garyld Carpenter

    Garyld is a jack of all trades. He is an adequite bowyer and fletcher, He makes furniture, and does the odd spot of house renovation from time to time. Garyld no longer adventures, since he is badly lame and in damp weather suffers from arthritis in …