A Forlorn Hope

At the Sign of the Vulgar Unicorn
Tarsakh 26th, Year of the Banner, 1368 Dr Our story begins in the bustling city of Suzail, the capital of the goodly nation of Cormyr, where in an old run down tavern, one sporting a somewhat distasteful sign, an unlikely bunch of adventures gather in search of high adventure, glory, and a course; gold. For an elf by the name of Sha Milkweed has advertised an opportunity to form a state-sanctioned, legal, and documented adventuring band. It was to this call that these various characters have come. One by one they approached. First, a half-elven druid by the name of Darella Eiderdown approached Sha, her motivation being to escape the city and to earn her place among the druids. Next came the somewhat facetious Janella Foeknuckle, a gnome thief, whose ambitions are as of yet unknown. The mage Natas Wizard orn joined them, as any good mage knows that the more meatshields between him and the dangers of the open road, the better. It was then that Sha heard a small voice in her ear, and to her surprise, a shady halfling seemingly materialized at her side out of thin air, proving his usefulness in any adventure, providing that there was plenty of gold to being procured. Last to join the party was an soldier named Tyllas Bront, who after talking with “Tommy Thumbs”, the bar keeper of the vulgar unicorn, walks up to the hired muscle that Sha hired to keep the rif-raf from bothering her as she tries to put a party together. Being none to kind to the hired goon, Tyllas demands that the man stand aside, and after a few threats and a short lived fist-fight. Tyllas walks past the unconscious man to offer his services to the elf. And that my friends, is the humble beginning of the Crows, a name I’m sure you’ve heard many times. Yes, this murder of crows went off to seek fame and fortune in the wide world. Yes, and their first quest was to take a small chest to a wizard many many miles away. A very long journey that would test this new band to the very limits of their strength and endurance. And so it was, after “jewing” the Wizard Gordrenn out nearly ten times his original price for the delivery, they set off to the nearby town of Hilp, the first city of many of the way to the village of Thurmaster in Haranshire to deliver a mysterious chest of ingredients to the wizard Tauster. So the journey begins…
From Suzail to Immersea... As the crows fly

Mirtul 1st, Year of the Banner 1368 Dr

Our “Heroes” set out from the illustrious capital city of Suzail, heading towards the town of Hilp. the first destination of many on this mad wizard’s errand. At the end of the first day’s journey they come to a small Inn alongside of the road; The “Way Inn”. It is packed with people as they journey to Suzail and Immersea to celebrate Greengrass, and the prices are thus outrageous. Never the less, one generous or perhaps stupid, member of the party purchases a room there, and they all sleep inside, not unlike sardines in a can. The day they set out and journey to the river Starwater and camp there. In the middle of the night, or early in the morning if you please, the party is awakened by a somewhat strange event. Amidst flashes of light and portents of horror, the party is seemingly assulted by a wizard, a fighter, a dwarf, and an elf who is seemingly en flambe. Vanishing with bright flashes they appear and dissappear many times and seem to die off one by one. The fighter is devoured from head to sternum by some monstrous being, and his body falls down on the grass where the ever opportunistic halfing scout finds and loots the body, while the party is completely unawares. When the whole tumultuous affair is over with, the party finds a lone and somewhat panicked wizard standing among them in a distraught state. With all the chances of gaining an ally, they send him away without so much as a “good luck” and continue on as if nothing at all had happened. They next day they arrive int he quaint little town of Hilp. Half of the party does the intelligent thing and sets up a camp, for the town is packed with people preparing for the spring festival which is to take place in just a few days. The only half of the party, however, and namely the two esteemed thieves Eddie and Jenella, are unable to resist the alure of all that gold jingling in all those pockets. So they both go into a local tavern and try their hand and getting some easy coin. As luck would have it, the Thief-Catches had the place marked out, and easily caught the would-be thieves. The two are taken out of the tavern and thrown in the crows cages to await judgement. Eddie, thinking with his brain, decides to escape. Janella, thinking with her hips, decides to dance. And her dancing does indeed allow Eddie to escape, but she herself must now dance….forever, or at least until the drunkards pass out or go home. Darella the druid sees all of this happen, and goes to the camp to tell of the party of it. Taking council together, Bellamin, Darella, and Tyllas decide to head to the guard shack to arrange Janella’s release and Eddie’s pardon. As they prepare to leave, who shows up other than Eddie himself. Tyllas beats the hell out of him and has Bellamin tie him up with an ample amount of rope, which Bellamin does, but does a terrible job. They finally manage to negotiate their freedom at the cost of 100 gold pieces, however, Tyllas requests that they be kept in the cages until morning, in hopes that they would learn their lesson. (Doubtful) The Next day they arrive in the city of Immersea, which is absolutely packed with revellers come to ring in the spring with ample amounts of ale and cheer… and more ale. The party arranges with a local farmer to spend a few days in their stables, as there is absolutely no where for them to stay in the city, nor in the surrounding area. Every campsite is taken and every room is rented. So the druids and nature type folks head off to do….naturey things….in the nude….covered in….stuff. (gods know what the elf did….) The rest of the party finds their own way to enjoy the festival, weather in women, drink, or just gazing up at the stars. Eddie finds in the morning, however, that the female whom he paid to accompany him the night before, had left him with something….free of charge. And as he made his morning relief, he felt a pain in his groin much akin to the sensation one would feel if they were to….urinate sharps of glass. In his panic he runs into the town with his pants around his ankles, screaming “My Dick Burns!”. It was Tyllas who finds him, attempts to calm him down, and leads him to a priestess of Selune, and for the small fee of all the gold he has, Eddie is subjected to an extremely embarrassing ritual, and afterwards is clean of the Jacks that he and some unfortutiously obtained. Tyllas, seeking some extra coin, finds a job as a guard for a caravan headed for the city of Arabel, that leaves in the morning. What new adventures await down that road? What excitement is hiding just around the next bend? What other kinds of innane and stupid things will our party partake in when next they encounter anyone? The story goes on….next week.

But it was just here a minute ago!

As the caravan leaves town, the crows go with it, beginning the journey to Arabel. The journey goes well for the most part; No loss of limb or companion, no goblin or orc attacks. In fact, it all goes as smoothly as silk until one day it is discovered that the caravan master has no gold with which to pay the hired help. These sordid men of mean demeanor are less than thrilled to find out that can either walk with the caravan for nothing, or guard the caravan for nothing, until they reach Arabel. What happened? Why did the caravan master not have the means to pay for payroll? It would seem that someone stole the gold chest from his quarters. Who did it remains to be seen, but luckily his right handed man Sailus (or something) quelled the angry storm of disgruntled grunts. Not without earning a nice shiner mind you! Tyllas in his rage “inquires” of the shadier of his companions, those known to be thieves, those whom the rest of the party had to bust out of the crows cages, as to whether or not they know of what happened. Even though it was an investigation worthy of the Spanish Inquisition, nothing was learned. The matter was sorted out, and payment would be given to the workers once they reached the city. Once in Arabel, the party prepared for the next leg of their journey, the treacherous road that lead through GNOLL PASS!!!

The crafty crows sought for a caravan to help make the journey safer, yet their found no one who needed them, as all other mercenary work was taken up by the resident band. (insert name). Without any other choice, the party suited up, stocked up on supplies, and set out into the untamed wilderness. Oh and Jenella killed a wizard while in town, but the party doesn’t know about that. Even so, she carried with her a strange lingering spell from the fallen mage, as to what it did, she did not know. Nor does anyone in the party, nor do I, nor, I believe, do you. The trek from Arabel can be summed up with one word; rain. It rained for days, that miserable, cold, bone soaking rain that can come down for days and days without letting up. The sky hung low like an oppressive blanket, as though to suffocate them all with the dreary misery that it promised for trackless sunless days. Luckily they had a druid in their midst, who conjured up a shelter out of tree branches, grass, and vines. But in the middle of the night Janella shrieks with fear to see two glowing red eyes just outside the opening of the shelter. Screaming in terror, she alerts the whole party, who prepare for battle. One of their number decides to hide in the thin walls of the enchanted shelter, breaking the enchantment and leaving them all very much alone, and wet, in the black rainy night. As for the thing with the evil red eyes, nothing more is preceived. The party does their best to sleep through the night. Only a few are deemed worthy to share in Bellamin’s tent. It is a miserable night for everyone. They comes the climb up to the Gnoll Pass…

This is no time to worry about armor!

The climb up Gnoll Pass is a stressful one. Up and up the baren stone path winds, whipped by wind with a few brambles and vines. Each night is restless and tense, as the party expects attack. However worried they are, they don’t run into anything, although they see plenty of tracks from wolves. Seeking shelter, they find a cave, but when they find out that it goes back farther than any of them care to explore, they decide to seal the entrance with a hefty rock and go about their way. At last they reach the summit of the climb, to the narrow pass where so much danger awaits. The party sets up camp, again in a magical shelter made by Darella with her druidic powers. They settle down and go to sleep.

In the second watch of the night, Bellamin Alert-Eyes proves his name. For he is out in the mountain side scouting the area when his alert-eyes spot a group of four seven foot, heavily armed gnolls approaching the sleeping camp. With assassin-like skill, he dispatches the first one without the other three realizing it, then before any of them can do roll call, he leaps upon the next gnoll, screaming at the top of his lungs. The party is wakened by this awful racket, as are the gnolls. Darella, Shea, Eddie, Al, and Janella all begin to don their armor as quickly as they can. Tyllas stands up essentially in his skivies, grabs his sword, and charges out of the shelter with a loud cry and a powerful swing of his longsword aimed at the nearest Gnoll. For the rest of the battle, Tyllas proceeds to fan the gnolls with his sword, keeping them cool as they nearly kill all of the party. Things are not going well for Bellamin. The gnoll that he attacked as begun to eat him alive as he hangs by his sword off the beasts chest. Darella charges out, scimitar swinging, at one of the pike-wielding gnolls, only to be stabbed with the tip of its spear. Janella runs out and begins to attack a gnoll with her mace, and quickly finds out that she is nearly untouchable to the large oafs due to her small size and squirrelly nature. The thief and the cleric, after spending the most time donning their armor, run off and hide, but Upon seeing their halfling comrade being eaten alive, turn back and try to save him. Al is able to rescue Bellamin from the clutches of death, but Eddie nearly pays with his life. One by one the gnolls die. Shea Milkweed is able to claim two kills that night, her longsword and her dice rolls both landing true and bringing about the death of her foes in short order.

Finally the gnolls are dead, but Tyllas shows a somewhat bloodthirsty berserk nature by violently mutilating the gnoll he spent the entire battle fanning, cutting and goring the dead gnoll until he is able to extract its spine (coccyx and all). The party regroups and prepares for a long march out of gnoll pass, and so they heal up as best they can, and prepare to go forward. What awaits them over the rise of that hill is a fantastic view of the stone lands. A vast brown land littered with colossal monoliths that seem to have been hurled down to Toril by the gods above. They even swear they can see dinosaurs moving in the distance. What adventures await in the stone lands? Will the party survive? What happened to the spell cast on Janella? Why in the hell are their dinosaurs? The answers to at least one of these questions on the next exciting adventure!

Interrogations Shminterogations, Just hit 'em with a pole!

In the stoney stone lands, our intrepid crows march on through the barren land. Little happens to them and they safely reach Tilverton. But not before encountering a screaming ogre, who is begging for his life “Save me and I’ll be your servant forever!!!1” only to be destroyed by a….goblin with a stick. With a swloosh of magical energy, the ogre is “no more”. The party faces down the dreaded goblin foe, who promptly demands valuables from the party, and just before anything daring bold and incredibly stupid happens, Shea puts the goblin to sleep.. thud down he goes. After binding the goblin tighly in ropes and taking away his stick, the party entrusts the task of interrogating the goblin to the one person in their party who is capable of speaking goblinese; Alesanro’methelyoctoviana. Yes, that’s right, the bat-shit crazy elven cleric who tried to feed the party rocks for food. What a good decision. He did a lot of yelling at the goblin and threatening his life, then resorted to beating the poor creature nearly to death with his quarterstaff. This happened several times. In fact, had it not been for Tyllas trying to keep the thing civil, Al would have bonked the goblin down through all nine of the hells. “WHAT WERE YOU EXACTLY DOING TODAY IN EXACTLY PRECISE ORDER!” Al demanded, to which the goblin replied, “I’ll do it in reverse order; first I was drug across the ground by a lunatic, then I was yelled at whilst gagged by a lunatic, then I was thumped on the head with a stupid stick by a damned LUNATIC!” This was met with the sound decision of Al to suggest that they “CUT OFF HIS NOSE!”. In the end, Tyllas took the goblin outside of camp on his watch and slit its throat and kicked its corpse down the hill. It was really the most merciful choice. Thus they arrived in Tilverton, for more fun and games, and by that I mean trouble. I mean come on, we’ve come to expect trouble from the crows haven’t we?

The shittiest of jobs, the damndest of luck part 1

So the crows find themselves in Tilverton. A small town on the edge of the dalelands and the last place to fly the Cormyrian flag. Most of the party is content to rest in town for a reprieve after the difficult journey through gnoll pass and the stonelands. Of the party, two have some serious goals. Eddie wants to contact his guild in order to make himself a bit wealthier. Darella just wants a wolf. Yeah, a live, vicious, gods damned timberwolf. Eddie assures her that he can make it happen. Once at the giild’s hideout, Eddie is introduced to “Charlie”, the head of the guild in Tilverton. Charlie tells Eddie that the wolf is no problem if he will do a small favor for the guild. What does that entail? Oh, not a whole lot. Just bereave a very wealthy merchant of his silver. A wagon load to be sure exact. To do this Eddie must convince his party to help him. This goes over well, like an anchor floats on water really. Since the party refuses to help him, Eddie goes back to Charlie, who tells him the game has changed. All he has to.do is steal some silver and a rare and wondrous egg from the rich man’s innermost vault. Eddie agrees, not knowing that Charlie doesn’t expect him to live.

The gates are locked so Eddie takes to the sewers. He crawls up the pipe under one of the latrines and makes his way slowly up the disgusting rancorous poop chute…

end of part 1

The shittiest of jobs, the damndest of luck part 2

…Up up up through that grimy chute of poop he went. At one point, he got stuck, and that was nearly the end of Eddie Woodcrest. Choked on poop is certainly not the way he would have elected to go out of this world, but that was almost his fate. In fact, had he not somehow been able to kick off his boots, catch them with one foot, dig in his toes and push himself up just high enough to grab the ledge of the toilet hole, he would have drowned in the slimy result of other people’s diet. Once inside, he moves about the place like swamp thing, but you know, instead of algae and mud, its excrement and….more excrement. The guards are keen eared in this house, but seem to lack olfactory sensation as they can’t seem to smell the walking poop-thing meandering about the house. Eddie’s best friends with luck, and some suspect foul play, even bribes, for he climbs up a wall and hides in the ceiling as the guards pass. Amazingly they neither see him, nor the brown trail leading up to his hiding place, nor smell him, though it is likely as they pass they were bereaved of eyebrows. But eventually they hear him and give chase. Eddie flees for his life down into the depths of the manor, dodging traps and preforming daring diving feats of agility as would befit an action movie. He nearly meets his sticky end as the wall in front of him launches forward, a trap to crush would-be thieves. Behind that wall were poisoned spikes, and Eddie somersaults through them to safety. At last, he comes to a locked door, and the sound of the guards getting closer though slowed as they reset the wall trap. Eddie tries to pick the lock, but adrenaline makes his hands too shaky, and he finally gives up and forces the door open. Once inside he is greeted with a massive room of treasure, with strange magically lit faces on the walls, and a pedestal with a strange egg on a soft pillow in the middle. Eddie leaps into the pedestal nimbly, and removes the egg. Hissing sounds ensue. Thick, acrid, blue smoke begins to rise from the floor. Eddie grabs as much silver as he can carry (turns out to be a bag of silverware) and stands on top of the pedestal, as the blue smoke rises to consume him. He hears the guards outside the door, “Whoever it is, they’re dead now, CAREFUL! don’t let that stuff touch you. There may be some bones later, let’s go” Eddie’s fate was sealed. Or was it? With no where to go, he pulls out a ring and POOF!

Charlie is surprised to see Eddie Woodcrest standing in his room, with a bag of silver in one hand, a griffin egg in the other, covered head to toe in filth. “Well DONE Eddie Woodcrest!” He exclaims, and promptly gets Eddie bathed and perfumed and cleaned up. Eddie returns to the party smelling of a very expensive bath, carrying a bulging bag of silver, and wearing a grin as wide as Faerun itself. At the gates of Tilverton, Darella gets her wolf, whom she names Tantra. And so the crows go northbound to the city of Ashabenford and then to Hillsfar. Stay tuned.

Just Leave the Negotiations to Me!

From Tilverton the Crows set out through the Thunder Peaks. From there into the Dale Lands, blanketed with their thick forests and ancient ruins wherein even to this day treasure, and danger, awaits those bold enough to seek it. Through mist and rain they travelled on until they came at last to Ashabenford. It was there that Tyllas took training from Meric, a skilled fighter who saw something special in Tyllas, and trained him for a discounted price, but requires yet of him a favor in the realm of deeds most heroic. Darella’s new friend, Tantra, has made it somewhat difficult to travel into cities, as most people don’t want to accept the company of a wild vicious timber wolf into their town. Eddie takes his silver to a fence, but decides to hold on to it in order to get a better price elsewhere. After a brief layover, they set out again. While on the road to Hillsfar, Alesanro’methelyoctoviana tells the party the truth of his past. The party is less than pleased to learn that their travelling cohort has earned the ire of a whole legion of Efreeti, but at that time no one really takes it all that seriously. It was also along the way to Hillsfar that Darella mastered her entanglement shelter, gaining the ability to create a small camp at will, with individual huts for each member of the crows. Truly it was a much more comfortable way to travel. At last they exit the forest, and march down the open fields to the gates of Hillsfar, the port city that would see them to Milborne in Haranshire.

As it turns out, the folks of Hillsfar are not that friendly, even if the party didn’t have a wolf in tow. The guard demands to know if they are Zantarim spies. No matter how the party pleas in this regard, the guard does not listen. But thank the gods, Eddie Woodcrest decides to be the spokesman for the troupe. Using politeness and reason he speaks with the guar….oh who am I kidding, his bad attitude and lack of aptitude in speaking with anyone in non-combative terms leads the guard at the gate to signal archers and a quick fight breaks out between the crows and the Hillsfar guard. The party with draws and heads back to the woods, most of them none to pleased with the way things went. Bellamin Alert-Eyes goes alone the next day to try to gain entry into the city. This new guard is a little nicer than the last one, but not by much. Still, with a little gold to grease the gears, he agrees to let them into the city, and even to not turn them in so that they may be hung on stakes along the walls. Once inside, the party waits while Eddie goes to meet a contact in the city that Charlie suggested to him for training. Two actually; Spite and Malice. Down into the cities depths goes Eddie, lead by a shady fella until he is brought before a voluptuous woman. She is somewhat appalled that all he came for was to fence wares, as she is rather high up in the guild called “The Unseen Hand”, and not some petty runner. She will not trade with him unless he joins her guild. He agrees, and she sells him the silver for a good deal of money. Then she approaches Eddie, and tells him to strip down to the waist because as his new guild master, she wants to see him shirtless. He acquiesces and even flexes for her as much as a 15 year old can. She walks up to him and carresses him, and draws his arms up, leaning in close until their lips nearly touch. She asks him if he knows how to kiss, and before the people at the table can deicde if this shit is too raw for them, or if this is the kind of game they want to take part in… CLANG CLANG! The woman locks Eddies arms into manacles, and a man walks in with a glowing hot brand. The table breathes a collective sigh of relief as Eddie is kissed by the searing hot iron. “Welcome to the Unseen Hand, make sure it stays unseen.” he is told, and sent on his way, with instructions on where to find someone in Haranshire to train him. The silver had its own price, and Eddie paid for it, and with this, the crows fly by sea from Hillsfar to Milborne in Haranshire on the Sea Spraite, not be confused with the Sea Sprite that hunts pirates on the Sword Coast. Adventure abounds in Haranshire, stay tuned as the crows near their destination, drawing ever nearer to the wizard Tauster in Thurmaster.

As the DM chuckles...

And so, our heroes, the crows, make their way towards Thurmaster in Haranshire. First, though, they need to make it to Millborn, a small town just south of the coast. So they take to the road Millborn-bound. Along the way, they encounter some farmers walking in the opposite direction. As they pass, a hail of arrows assults them from the forest. As the party withdraws and prepares for battle, the farmers turn on them! These are no farmers, but bandits in disguise! The party, broken apart in the unfolding chaos, tries their best to reform into some sort of order and fight this battle, however, things go poorly. The cleric got run through with a pitch fork, and the spell-sword got run through with a sword. With two of the party down, the rest worked frantically to save them. Darella’s entanglement spell saved Al’s life, and kept some of the attackers at bay. Tantra, her wolf, dealt quite a bit of damage to the unlucky sod who was not caught. The party’s scout, Bellamin did his usual attack from the shadows and saved Shea’s life, while at the same time running the last of the woodland attackers away from the battle. Eddie, oh eddie. Eddie Woodcrest preforms the most daring of acrobatic maneuvers, running from a tree limb, leaping off, somersaulting, and landing behind one of the entangled men. The man throws down his weapon and surrenders, and Eddie slides in the knife, killing him. As the body falls, Eddie goes to loot it, but find himself grabbed by the entangling vines and is stuck. Nichademus Nim, the newest member of the crows, casts the spell of burning hands to destroy another enemy stuck in the entanglement. He also lights the vines on fire, and Eddie is suddenly immolated and unable to save himself. It is with great reluctance and sense of duty that Tyllas drags Eddie from the flames. The party travels to Millborn to recieve healing from the local temple of Torm. After healing up for a bit, the party heads to Thurmaster, and the journey’s end. While in Millborn they meet an old innkeeper named Durcaster. Through him and “HEY ANDREN!” they learn that a girl named Jellaneth is missing, and she is also curiously enough a student of Tauster, the very wizard they are going to see. They agree to try to find her as they set out for Thurmaster.

That night in the camp, they have a visitor. A magical Efreeti from the plane of fire. He informs Al that in 1,001 days, he and his "Bosom companions’ must appear before the Grand Khalif in the city of Brass to face judgement for his crime of stealing the medallion of the planes. He leaves Al with a servant by the name of Muhammad A-Gal, and vanishes. Shaken by this encounter, Eddie runs away from the Djin, and falls into the river, if not for Bellamin saving his life, he would have drown. At last they reach thurmaster, and they go to the wizard, who greets them, and thanks them for their hard work, and gives them directions for how to be paid for the work. They go to collect their money, only to find that they will get it…in time. 20-30 gold per week per person for the next several months. The party is disgusted and aggrivated, and the DM laughs and laughs and laughs. He had been planning that little surprise since Suzail.

Hurry! The Cuiper the better!

Kythorn 29 – Flamerule 10

The crows decide to settle into Thurmaster, finding a house on the outskirts of town that has been abandoned for quite some time. They decide to put some money into the building, fixing it up as their abode and base of operations. They put in a garden and a small pen for some livestock. They also hired a kind widow by the name of Mrs. Swinsen to take care of the place. Thus the crows got their very own homestead, “The Crows Nest”. Once they had taken care of matters related to room and board and the like, they decided it was time to go in search of Jelleneth, as Tauster had requested of them. They looked for her in the RedWood, but she was not there. They went down to Hogsbrook in the Thornwood near the Blessedwood, but she wasn’t there either. While in Hogsbrook they delivered a message to Cuiper (Kwiper), a ranger of considerable skill. He gives them a message to take to Garyld in Millborn to give him news of Jelleneth’s disappearance. About that time, Olianne, the wolf toting druid that the people have been talking about, appears. She tells the party that a boy has become a werebear and that they need to help him by calming him down. This means taking on a savage, angry, wild, and nasty werebear without the use of deadly force. Needless to say, the party is a little bit apprehensive about the matter. Thankfully, due to Darella’s skill with the entanglement spell, the werebear-boy is captured easily, and with some magic sleep and a potion or two, the creature is calmed down. In exchange for her help, Darella is given training with the druid, free of charge.

So then its off to Millborn to give the message to Garyld, who in turn sends a message by way of bird to a mysterious person named Shiraz. While there, Tyllas and Darella go to the local blacksmith, a large barrelchested man by the name of Semerem. Darella purchases chain-barding for her wolf Tantra, and Tyllas attempts to get the name to make a belt out of his disgusting months old knoll spine. The man refuses in disgust until Darella begins to explain to him that Tyllas ripped this spine out of an enemy of his in a violent blood-rage. Not only was the belt now top priority for the poor shaken blacksmith, but the price was based purely on goodwill donation. Heading back to Thurmaster, the crows get hired to guard a trade barge to Thurmaster, and of course back to Millborn. In Thurmaster, they speak once more to Tauster, giving him news and asking him about teleportation spells that he can’t bestow, and asking about troublesome adventures that he would refuse to take. The conversation ends when Tyllas asks if the wizard could scry someone for them. Upon hearing the word scry, Tauster frightenedly declares that he needs tea and slams the door.

Once they return to Millborn they find themselves in an auction for some farm equipment due to the New Mire flooding out a family’s farm. While in the auction, a man walks up to the Crows and aks if they are in fact, the crows. Upon learning that they are indeed the Crows, he enjoins them to follow him to the manor of his lord, Master Darius Carmen. Half of the party lead by Shea goes to meet with Darius, and the others stay behind to finish up the auction. Darius offers the crows the job of scouting the New Mire and the Patchwork Hills for two weeks time, and if they solve the problem of why the New Marsh is spreading, he will pay them 1,000 gold pieces, on top of the contract he has already offered them. All Darius can tell them is what he paid dearly to learn; “Its bad, and its magic”. Armed this information, the crows take the job, but not before Shea asks Darius if he knows anything about the missing girl, Jelleneth. He answers that he “doesn’t know much”, and she decides that it means that he must know something, so she grills him for information on the missing girl. After a heated conversation, Shea decides that he actually knows nothing at all about this girl. So they head back to Thurmaster upon a barg with a heaping load of recently acquired home accouterments.


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