A Forlorn Hope

What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, EVERYTHING~!



Elysius 1

After saving the town of Harlaton from certain watery marshy deathy doom, the Crows return to the Baron of Mutton to regroup and turn their attention once again to the task at hand, the task that’s been at hand since they first set foot on Milborn soil; Find Jelleneth. With all the excitement and adventure going on, it was very easy to forget, but the crows still have a job to do, the poor woman’s plight cannot be doing anything but worsening.

How do they plan on finding the poor girl you may be asking yourself? The answer is so simple its a really, really bad idea. They are going to do the best thing any party can do, and split up into two groups. Darella, tailed by Tantra and Bellamin, is going to walk along the road in a hot little get up to try and get herself captured, hoping that this will lead them to whoever napped Jelleneth. The rest of the crows are going to publicly take a job guarding a trade barge owned by Master Parafin. While the pay is good, they take the job for the ruse it would provide. Darella explains the plan to Tantra, who comments and reiterates, this is a bad plan. If only they had known how bad.

Before departing, the Crows spend the night in the tavern, where Eddie learns a valuable lesson about fidelity. For while he is smootching with a farm lass on his lap, Darella (his love interest) walks in and see this. He immediately kicks the girl off of him, who nearly insights a bar fight by taking a patrons drink and dowsing Eddies fickle loins with it. Darella congratulates the girl, then finds herself a big, strong farm boy named Jeremy, and well….makes his night, and fills Eddie with great ire. In the morning, for some reason Alesanromethelyoctoviana decides to scare the poor boy away with a threat on his life and a alarming “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”. The young farm boy flees, and with good reason. You can’t kill crazy like that with a +5 vorpal longsword of FLAMES.

After a day of watching the barge, the crows dock on the southern bank and make camp. In the early morning, before most of them are awake, the camp is attacked by a group of archers, and a very pesky cleric. Eddie Woodcrest was on watch duty, and he finds suddenly that he has been hit by two arrows WOMP WOMP! and he hears many a THWANG! as the archers unleash a hail of arrows into the sleeping circle just in time to see the Mamluk Muhammad taken down by a furry of fletched bow-pikes (poetic license). “WE’VE UNDER ATTACK!” He cries and then charges off into the distance, away from the battle, in typical rogue fashion.

Springing to the life, the diminished party has to make some seriously dangerous and critical decisions. This is the hairiest fight they have ever been in. Shea starts off the battle by putting some of the men into a magical sleep, but a voice crying from the darkness dispells it. (See, pesky high level cleric) Tyllas springs to his feet, disregarding armor, grabbing his sword Shard and charges directly into the fray, nigh nude and narrowly navigating these nightly nere-do-wells. With all swiftness, Tyllas asserts himself as a serious foe by hacking one of their number into pieces. This sudden distraction gives the others a change to act. Shea fires a magical missle into one of the men just as the cleric knocks Tyllas out with a word. (PESKY cleric) Al does his goodly clerical duties and heals his mamluk. The strangest part is that the men seem to be trying to kill everyone except for Shea, whom they seem intent upon capturing.

As the minions fall one by one, the cleric finally casts a spell, and flies away on great wings that appear around him. No I’m not joking, the bastard sprouts wings and f@#$ing flies away. Can you say out of their league? However, they did get one man, and alive at that. Tyllas interrogates the man, who will not speak, and eventually busts his kneecap to try and get a response. What he gets is screams of pain. They take the man to the barge and continue to interrogate him down the river, nothing. Finally the man seems to wake from a dream. He doesn’t know who he is, where he is from, what he was doing, or what’s going on. All he knows is that his knee is killing him. Al heals his knee and they drop the man off at Tauster’s who may be able to help him, before heading up to the Parlfray Keep with Master Parafin and his load of goods. In the meanwhile, Darella and Bellamin, Tantra in tow, are double marching their way back to Thurmaster to meet up with them. When they arrive they find that they need to continue up to Parlfray Keep.

Elysius 3

Lord Saniór Parlfray greets them, but quickly shows his disdain of adventurers. His son, on the other hand, seems enchanted by them. Tyllas asks Lord Parlfray about the state of the roads, telling him that they have grown dangerous of late near the Thornwood. The lord’s face goes white, and he dismisses himself. His son on the other hand, tells them that he knows what they are looking for, and where to find it. All they have to do is let him come along. Wisely, the Crows refuse to do so. Young Laintur, son of lord Parlfray leaves in a huff.

The next morning, Darella and Bellamin arrive, and convince Laintur to tell the party what he knows for the good of the realm. They learn an odd tale.

_Lord Elmond Parlfray, father of Saniór, grandfather to Laintur, evacuated his house from the old Parlfray Keep deep in the Thornwood when strange things began to happen. All the servants were dead and there was no sign of a struggle. The local orcs and goblins became less of a nuisance, as though something was taking care of them. An uneasy peace that boded ill for the land. _

The Crows learn of Broken Spire Keep, but are they bold enough to attempt its snares? Not yet at least, for lord Parlfray hires the Crows to find the missing pilgrims of Silvanus in the Howling Moor. What adventures await? What dangers lurk? What evil force is behind Broken Spire Keep? Why did this nararator neglect to mention that Shea got magical weapons, Tyllas’s sword is magical, and our cleric has been carrying around a tower shield for the entire game and no one noticed it, even when they used it as a gurney to carry the wounded?

Stay tuned…


Angrybob Balastrof

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