A Forlorn Hope

Just Leave the Negotiations to Me!


From Tilverton the Crows set out through the Thunder Peaks. From there into the Dale Lands, blanketed with their thick forests and ancient ruins wherein even to this day treasure, and danger, awaits those bold enough to seek it. Through mist and rain they travelled on until they came at last to Ashabenford. It was there that Tyllas took training from Meric, a skilled fighter who saw something special in Tyllas, and trained him for a discounted price, but requires yet of him a favor in the realm of deeds most heroic. Darella’s new friend, Tantra, has made it somewhat difficult to travel into cities, as most people don’t want to accept the company of a wild vicious timber wolf into their town. Eddie takes his silver to a fence, but decides to hold on to it in order to get a better price elsewhere. After a brief layover, they set out again. While on the road to Hillsfar, Alesanro’methelyoctoviana tells the party the truth of his past. The party is less than pleased to learn that their travelling cohort has earned the ire of a whole legion of Efreeti, but at that time no one really takes it all that seriously. It was also along the way to Hillsfar that Darella mastered her entanglement shelter, gaining the ability to create a small camp at will, with individual huts for each member of the crows. Truly it was a much more comfortable way to travel. At last they exit the forest, and march down the open fields to the gates of Hillsfar, the port city that would see them to Milborne in Haranshire.

As it turns out, the folks of Hillsfar are not that friendly, even if the party didn’t have a wolf in tow. The guard demands to know if they are Zantarim spies. No matter how the party pleas in this regard, the guard does not listen. But thank the gods, Eddie Woodcrest decides to be the spokesman for the troupe. Using politeness and reason he speaks with the guar….oh who am I kidding, his bad attitude and lack of aptitude in speaking with anyone in non-combative terms leads the guard at the gate to signal archers and a quick fight breaks out between the crows and the Hillsfar guard. The party with draws and heads back to the woods, most of them none to pleased with the way things went. Bellamin Alert-Eyes goes alone the next day to try to gain entry into the city. This new guard is a little nicer than the last one, but not by much. Still, with a little gold to grease the gears, he agrees to let them into the city, and even to not turn them in so that they may be hung on stakes along the walls. Once inside, the party waits while Eddie goes to meet a contact in the city that Charlie suggested to him for training. Two actually; Spite and Malice. Down into the cities depths goes Eddie, lead by a shady fella until he is brought before a voluptuous woman. She is somewhat appalled that all he came for was to fence wares, as she is rather high up in the guild called “The Unseen Hand”, and not some petty runner. She will not trade with him unless he joins her guild. He agrees, and she sells him the silver for a good deal of money. Then she approaches Eddie, and tells him to strip down to the waist because as his new guild master, she wants to see him shirtless. He acquiesces and even flexes for her as much as a 15 year old can. She walks up to him and carresses him, and draws his arms up, leaning in close until their lips nearly touch. She asks him if he knows how to kiss, and before the people at the table can deicde if this shit is too raw for them, or if this is the kind of game they want to take part in… CLANG CLANG! The woman locks Eddies arms into manacles, and a man walks in with a glowing hot brand. The table breathes a collective sigh of relief as Eddie is kissed by the searing hot iron. “Welcome to the Unseen Hand, make sure it stays unseen.” he is told, and sent on his way, with instructions on where to find someone in Haranshire to train him. The silver had its own price, and Eddie paid for it, and with this, the crows fly by sea from Hillsfar to Milborne in Haranshire on the Sea Spraite, not be confused with the Sea Sprite that hunts pirates on the Sword Coast. Adventure abounds in Haranshire, stay tuned as the crows near their destination, drawing ever nearer to the wizard Tauster in Thurmaster.


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