A Forlorn Hope

Hey, sorry for killing your young, have a steak. Oh by the way, could you like....move? You're causing trouble


FlameRule 14th

The job was simple; scout around the new mire looking for the cause of its mysterious and magical expansion. The crows set out along the north-eastern edge of the marsh, walking the divide between thick hungry swamp mud, and the craggy hillsides of the Patchwork Hills. Whilst making camp by a small stream, Al was given some supernatural aide from his goddess Mielikki, who showed him the entrance to a small cave up in the hills. The party decides to check this cave out, but at the council of Bellamin Alert-eyes, they decide it would be wisest to wait and see if anything _ comes out_. And come it something does, a goblin, who came out to snatch up some food and get something to drink. They follow him around but don’t attack, and he returns to his cave. The party decides to ambush the goblin, or goblins that come out of the cave next time.

In a display of high-fantasy-epic-heroic-ramboescent violence, our brave heroes take down 3 golbins and one goblin child while the poor sods were bathing and or swimming in the pool by a small waterfall. Bellamin takes out three with assassin like skills, and Tyllas bravely and oh so boldly rends a small goblinling in twain. Al takes the other goblin child hostage, and as Bellamin turns on the last adult goblin, the terrified thing screams for his life, throws down his weapon, and stands there shaking with fear. That is, until Bellamin kicks the wimpering wretch to the ground.

The crows learn that these goblins are peaceful creatures, trying to live in solitude and peace, not causing the humans any harm, not troubling anyone. The crows decide to speak to the goblins and even appologize for slaughtering their young and old alike. They meet with Grundelkek and Barukliet, the leaders of the goblin party. Arranging a dinner of peace, they part ways. The meal goes well, and they learn that Barukliet is revered by the goblins because he recieved this magical ring, a gift from their god Magubbliet, who made the goblin race to rule the world and made all the other gods jealous. (That’s their story and they are sticking to it) After talking to Barukliet in private they learn that at the same time that the goblins moved in to this area, the mire started spreading. It was the ring that Barukliet carried that was causing all the trouble, and so the crows, with successful spokeshalf-elven-woman Darella, convinced the goblins to relocate before humans come to slaughter them.

As the goblins depart, the mire begins to dry up, so the crows return to Darius to inform him that they not only found the source, but fixed the problem with the mire. He is amazed and delighted with them, and the crows get a hefty sum of gold for their troubles. They all are pretty much broke by morning, spending all this new booty on training. Being amazing has its price it would seem. So they return to the Baron of Mutton, the local tavern at Millborn, and celebrate a bit. They also meet an old grizzled dwarf by the name of The ol’ Grizzler who offers training to any warriors among them.

The town loves them, the lords of the land are thrilled with them. Things are really looking up for the crows, but there still is the task of finding Jelleneth. A good way to start is to look into those abductions that are happening, mostly to young girls, along the roadways by the forest. Staging an abduction would be the best way to do it, but who is gonna be the bait…..

Stay tuned…


Angrybob Balastrof

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