A Forlorn Hope

As the DM chuckles...


And so, our heroes, the crows, make their way towards Thurmaster in Haranshire. First, though, they need to make it to Millborn, a small town just south of the coast. So they take to the road Millborn-bound. Along the way, they encounter some farmers walking in the opposite direction. As they pass, a hail of arrows assults them from the forest. As the party withdraws and prepares for battle, the farmers turn on them! These are no farmers, but bandits in disguise! The party, broken apart in the unfolding chaos, tries their best to reform into some sort of order and fight this battle, however, things go poorly. The cleric got run through with a pitch fork, and the spell-sword got run through with a sword. With two of the party down, the rest worked frantically to save them. Darella’s entanglement spell saved Al’s life, and kept some of the attackers at bay. Tantra, her wolf, dealt quite a bit of damage to the unlucky sod who was not caught. The party’s scout, Bellamin did his usual attack from the shadows and saved Shea’s life, while at the same time running the last of the woodland attackers away from the battle. Eddie, oh eddie. Eddie Woodcrest preforms the most daring of acrobatic maneuvers, running from a tree limb, leaping off, somersaulting, and landing behind one of the entangled men. The man throws down his weapon and surrenders, and Eddie slides in the knife, killing him. As the body falls, Eddie goes to loot it, but find himself grabbed by the entangling vines and is stuck. Nichademus Nim, the newest member of the crows, casts the spell of burning hands to destroy another enemy stuck in the entanglement. He also lights the vines on fire, and Eddie is suddenly immolated and unable to save himself. It is with great reluctance and sense of duty that Tyllas drags Eddie from the flames. The party travels to Millborn to recieve healing from the local temple of Torm. After healing up for a bit, the party heads to Thurmaster, and the journey’s end. While in Millborn they meet an old innkeeper named Durcaster. Through him and “HEY ANDREN!” they learn that a girl named Jellaneth is missing, and she is also curiously enough a student of Tauster, the very wizard they are going to see. They agree to try to find her as they set out for Thurmaster.

That night in the camp, they have a visitor. A magical Efreeti from the plane of fire. He informs Al that in 1,001 days, he and his "Bosom companions’ must appear before the Grand Khalif in the city of Brass to face judgement for his crime of stealing the medallion of the planes. He leaves Al with a servant by the name of Muhammad A-Gal, and vanishes. Shaken by this encounter, Eddie runs away from the Djin, and falls into the river, if not for Bellamin saving his life, he would have drown. At last they reach thurmaster, and they go to the wizard, who greets them, and thanks them for their hard work, and gives them directions for how to be paid for the work. They go to collect their money, only to find that they will get it…in time. 20-30 gold per week per person for the next several months. The party is disgusted and aggrivated, and the DM laughs and laughs and laughs. He had been planning that little surprise since Suzail.


Angrybob Balastrof

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