A Forlorn Hope

The shittiest of jobs, the damndest of luck part 1


So the crows find themselves in Tilverton. A small town on the edge of the dalelands and the last place to fly the Cormyrian flag. Most of the party is content to rest in town for a reprieve after the difficult journey through gnoll pass and the stonelands. Of the party, two have some serious goals. Eddie wants to contact his guild in order to make himself a bit wealthier. Darella just wants a wolf. Yeah, a live, vicious, gods damned timberwolf. Eddie assures her that he can make it happen. Once at the giild’s hideout, Eddie is introduced to “Charlie”, the head of the guild in Tilverton. Charlie tells Eddie that the wolf is no problem if he will do a small favor for the guild. What does that entail? Oh, not a whole lot. Just bereave a very wealthy merchant of his silver. A wagon load to be sure exact. To do this Eddie must convince his party to help him. This goes over well, like an anchor floats on water really. Since the party refuses to help him, Eddie goes back to Charlie, who tells him the game has changed. All he has to.do is steal some silver and a rare and wondrous egg from the rich man’s innermost vault. Eddie agrees, not knowing that Charlie doesn’t expect him to live.

The gates are locked so Eddie takes to the sewers. He crawls up the pipe under one of the latrines and makes his way slowly up the disgusting rancorous poop chute…

end of part 1


Angrybob Balastrof

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