A Forlorn Hope

Interrogations Shminterogations, Just hit 'em with a pole!


In the stoney stone lands, our intrepid crows march on through the barren land. Little happens to them and they safely reach Tilverton. But not before encountering a screaming ogre, who is begging for his life “Save me and I’ll be your servant forever!!!1” only to be destroyed by a….goblin with a stick. With a swloosh of magical energy, the ogre is “no more”. The party faces down the dreaded goblin foe, who promptly demands valuables from the party, and just before anything daring bold and incredibly stupid happens, Shea puts the goblin to sleep.. thud down he goes. After binding the goblin tighly in ropes and taking away his stick, the party entrusts the task of interrogating the goblin to the one person in their party who is capable of speaking goblinese; Alesanro’methelyoctoviana. Yes, that’s right, the bat-shit crazy elven cleric who tried to feed the party rocks for food. What a good decision. He did a lot of yelling at the goblin and threatening his life, then resorted to beating the poor creature nearly to death with his quarterstaff. This happened several times. In fact, had it not been for Tyllas trying to keep the thing civil, Al would have bonked the goblin down through all nine of the hells. “WHAT WERE YOU EXACTLY DOING TODAY IN EXACTLY PRECISE ORDER!” Al demanded, to which the goblin replied, “I’ll do it in reverse order; first I was drug across the ground by a lunatic, then I was yelled at whilst gagged by a lunatic, then I was thumped on the head with a stupid stick by a damned LUNATIC!” This was met with the sound decision of Al to suggest that they “CUT OFF HIS NOSE!”. In the end, Tyllas took the goblin outside of camp on his watch and slit its throat and kicked its corpse down the hill. It was really the most merciful choice. Thus they arrived in Tilverton, for more fun and games, and by that I mean trouble. I mean come on, we’ve come to expect trouble from the crows haven’t we?


Angrybob Balastrof

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