A Forlorn Hope

This is no time to worry about armor!


The climb up Gnoll Pass is a stressful one. Up and up the baren stone path winds, whipped by wind with a few brambles and vines. Each night is restless and tense, as the party expects attack. However worried they are, they don’t run into anything, although they see plenty of tracks from wolves. Seeking shelter, they find a cave, but when they find out that it goes back farther than any of them care to explore, they decide to seal the entrance with a hefty rock and go about their way. At last they reach the summit of the climb, to the narrow pass where so much danger awaits. The party sets up camp, again in a magical shelter made by Darella with her druidic powers. They settle down and go to sleep.

In the second watch of the night, Bellamin Alert-Eyes proves his name. For he is out in the mountain side scouting the area when his alert-eyes spot a group of four seven foot, heavily armed gnolls approaching the sleeping camp. With assassin-like skill, he dispatches the first one without the other three realizing it, then before any of them can do roll call, he leaps upon the next gnoll, screaming at the top of his lungs. The party is wakened by this awful racket, as are the gnolls. Darella, Shea, Eddie, Al, and Janella all begin to don their armor as quickly as they can. Tyllas stands up essentially in his skivies, grabs his sword, and charges out of the shelter with a loud cry and a powerful swing of his longsword aimed at the nearest Gnoll. For the rest of the battle, Tyllas proceeds to fan the gnolls with his sword, keeping them cool as they nearly kill all of the party. Things are not going well for Bellamin. The gnoll that he attacked as begun to eat him alive as he hangs by his sword off the beasts chest. Darella charges out, scimitar swinging, at one of the pike-wielding gnolls, only to be stabbed with the tip of its spear. Janella runs out and begins to attack a gnoll with her mace, and quickly finds out that she is nearly untouchable to the large oafs due to her small size and squirrelly nature. The thief and the cleric, after spending the most time donning their armor, run off and hide, but Upon seeing their halfling comrade being eaten alive, turn back and try to save him. Al is able to rescue Bellamin from the clutches of death, but Eddie nearly pays with his life. One by one the gnolls die. Shea Milkweed is able to claim two kills that night, her longsword and her dice rolls both landing true and bringing about the death of her foes in short order.

Finally the gnolls are dead, but Tyllas shows a somewhat bloodthirsty berserk nature by violently mutilating the gnoll he spent the entire battle fanning, cutting and goring the dead gnoll until he is able to extract its spine (coccyx and all). The party regroups and prepares for a long march out of gnoll pass, and so they heal up as best they can, and prepare to go forward. What awaits them over the rise of that hill is a fantastic view of the stone lands. A vast brown land littered with colossal monoliths that seem to have been hurled down to Toril by the gods above. They even swear they can see dinosaurs moving in the distance. What adventures await in the stone lands? Will the party survive? What happened to the spell cast on Janella? Why in the hell are their dinosaurs? The answers to at least one of these questions on the next exciting adventure!


Angrybob Angrybob

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