A Forlorn Hope

But it was just here a minute ago!


As the caravan leaves town, the crows go with it, beginning the journey to Arabel. The journey goes well for the most part; No loss of limb or companion, no goblin or orc attacks. In fact, it all goes as smoothly as silk until one day it is discovered that the caravan master has no gold with which to pay the hired help. These sordid men of mean demeanor are less than thrilled to find out that can either walk with the caravan for nothing, or guard the caravan for nothing, until they reach Arabel. What happened? Why did the caravan master not have the means to pay for payroll? It would seem that someone stole the gold chest from his quarters. Who did it remains to be seen, but luckily his right handed man Sailus (or something) quelled the angry storm of disgruntled grunts. Not without earning a nice shiner mind you! Tyllas in his rage “inquires” of the shadier of his companions, those known to be thieves, those whom the rest of the party had to bust out of the crows cages, as to whether or not they know of what happened. Even though it was an investigation worthy of the Spanish Inquisition, nothing was learned. The matter was sorted out, and payment would be given to the workers once they reached the city. Once in Arabel, the party prepared for the next leg of their journey, the treacherous road that lead through GNOLL PASS!!!

The crafty crows sought for a caravan to help make the journey safer, yet their found no one who needed them, as all other mercenary work was taken up by the resident band. (insert name). Without any other choice, the party suited up, stocked up on supplies, and set out into the untamed wilderness. Oh and Jenella killed a wizard while in town, but the party doesn’t know about that. Even so, she carried with her a strange lingering spell from the fallen mage, as to what it did, she did not know. Nor does anyone in the party, nor do I, nor, I believe, do you. The trek from Arabel can be summed up with one word; rain. It rained for days, that miserable, cold, bone soaking rain that can come down for days and days without letting up. The sky hung low like an oppressive blanket, as though to suffocate them all with the dreary misery that it promised for trackless sunless days. Luckily they had a druid in their midst, who conjured up a shelter out of tree branches, grass, and vines. But in the middle of the night Janella shrieks with fear to see two glowing red eyes just outside the opening of the shelter. Screaming in terror, she alerts the whole party, who prepare for battle. One of their number decides to hide in the thin walls of the enchanted shelter, breaking the enchantment and leaving them all very much alone, and wet, in the black rainy night. As for the thing with the evil red eyes, nothing more is preceived. The party does their best to sleep through the night. Only a few are deemed worthy to share in Bellamin’s tent. It is a miserable night for everyone. They comes the climb up to the Gnoll Pass…


Angrybob Balastrof

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