A Forlorn Hope

From Suzail to Immersea... As the crows fly


Mirtul 1st, Year of the Banner 1368 Dr

Our “Heroes” set out from the illustrious capital city of Suzail, heading towards the town of Hilp. the first destination of many on this mad wizard’s errand. At the end of the first day’s journey they come to a small Inn alongside of the road; The “Way Inn”. It is packed with people as they journey to Suzail and Immersea to celebrate Greengrass, and the prices are thus outrageous. Never the less, one generous or perhaps stupid, member of the party purchases a room there, and they all sleep inside, not unlike sardines in a can. The day they set out and journey to the river Starwater and camp there. In the middle of the night, or early in the morning if you please, the party is awakened by a somewhat strange event. Amidst flashes of light and portents of horror, the party is seemingly assulted by a wizard, a fighter, a dwarf, and an elf who is seemingly en flambe. Vanishing with bright flashes they appear and dissappear many times and seem to die off one by one. The fighter is devoured from head to sternum by some monstrous being, and his body falls down on the grass where the ever opportunistic halfing scout finds and loots the body, while the party is completely unawares. When the whole tumultuous affair is over with, the party finds a lone and somewhat panicked wizard standing among them in a distraught state. With all the chances of gaining an ally, they send him away without so much as a “good luck” and continue on as if nothing at all had happened. They next day they arrive int he quaint little town of Hilp. Half of the party does the intelligent thing and sets up a camp, for the town is packed with people preparing for the spring festival which is to take place in just a few days. The only half of the party, however, and namely the two esteemed thieves Eddie and Jenella, are unable to resist the alure of all that gold jingling in all those pockets. So they both go into a local tavern and try their hand and getting some easy coin. As luck would have it, the Thief-Catches had the place marked out, and easily caught the would-be thieves. The two are taken out of the tavern and thrown in the crows cages to await judgement. Eddie, thinking with his brain, decides to escape. Janella, thinking with her hips, decides to dance. And her dancing does indeed allow Eddie to escape, but she herself must now dance….forever, or at least until the drunkards pass out or go home. Darella the druid sees all of this happen, and goes to the camp to tell of the party of it. Taking council together, Bellamin, Darella, and Tyllas decide to head to the guard shack to arrange Janella’s release and Eddie’s pardon. As they prepare to leave, who shows up other than Eddie himself. Tyllas beats the hell out of him and has Bellamin tie him up with an ample amount of rope, which Bellamin does, but does a terrible job. They finally manage to negotiate their freedom at the cost of 100 gold pieces, however, Tyllas requests that they be kept in the cages until morning, in hopes that they would learn their lesson. (Doubtful) The Next day they arrive in the city of Immersea, which is absolutely packed with revellers come to ring in the spring with ample amounts of ale and cheer… and more ale. The party arranges with a local farmer to spend a few days in their stables, as there is absolutely no where for them to stay in the city, nor in the surrounding area. Every campsite is taken and every room is rented. So the druids and nature type folks head off to do….naturey things….in the nude….covered in….stuff. (gods know what the elf did….) The rest of the party finds their own way to enjoy the festival, weather in women, drink, or just gazing up at the stars. Eddie finds in the morning, however, that the female whom he paid to accompany him the night before, had left him with something….free of charge. And as he made his morning relief, he felt a pain in his groin much akin to the sensation one would feel if they were to….urinate sharps of glass. In his panic he runs into the town with his pants around his ankles, screaming “My Dick Burns!”. It was Tyllas who finds him, attempts to calm him down, and leads him to a priestess of Selune, and for the small fee of all the gold he has, Eddie is subjected to an extremely embarrassing ritual, and afterwards is clean of the Jacks that he and some unfortutiously obtained. Tyllas, seeking some extra coin, finds a job as a guard for a caravan headed for the city of Arabel, that leaves in the morning. What new adventures await down that road? What excitement is hiding just around the next bend? What other kinds of innane and stupid things will our party partake in when next they encounter anyone? The story goes on….next week.


Angrybob Angrybob

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